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Get Connected with a 120k Annual Grant for free Online Advertising 

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More Awareness.
More Funding.
More Volunteers.
We get you MORE. 

The more frequently your ads appear near the top of the search results, the more people will be aware of your cause. That can translate into more donations and more volunteers which is the lifeblood of every 501-C3 nonprofit.

For every $1 spent on Google Adwords, businesses earn an average a ROI of $2

According to Formstack, PPC ads are one of the top three generators of on-page conversions.


Help your Cause. Proper Advertisements. Beautifully Served.

Getting the Grant is the first part of the process.

Executing proper advertisements is the next step. As the Grant is only valid if you follow every step.

We’ve had continued success helping businesses run PPC Campaigns and plan to help Non-Profits organizations continue to grow. So that you can continue to help your cause! 


Get $10,000 a Month for Advertisements

Is your 501-C3 Eligable? Reach out to us to learn more and set up your free review for a annual $120,000 Ad Spend!

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