Choose a Website Design and Content Service Plan that Works for You.

Do you want to leave a lasting impression on the web and captivate your audience with an exceptional online presence? Are you looking for professional web design services in Florida? Look no further than our Orlando web design and content service plans! At HuYu Media, we craft comprehensive web design and content packages to meet your business needs. Let’s explore the remarkable features of each package.

What You Get with Our Web Design & Content Service Plans

Basic Package

  • Customized Website Design: We’ll create a visually stunning and user-friendly website with 5-7 pages tailored to showcase your brand identity and engage visitors.
  • Responsive Design: Your website will be optimized for seamless viewing across all devices, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable user experience on mobile, tablet, and desktop.
  • Basic Content Creation: We’ll develop compelling content for up to 5 pages, effectively communicating your brand message and capturing your audience’s attention.
  • Contact Form Integration: We’ll seamlessly integrate contact forms into your website, enabling visitors to connect with you quickly and conveniently.
  • Basic SEO Optimization: We’ll optimize your website with meta titles, tags, and meta descriptions and conduct keyword research to improve your search engine visibility.
  • Website Maintenance and Updates: Enjoy peace of mind with up to 30 days of post-launch maintenance and updates to keep your website running smoothly.


Standard Package

Includes all features of the Basic Package, plus:

  • Enhanced Website Design: Elevate your online presence with an expanded website of 10-15 pages, providing more opportunities to showcase your products, services, and brand story.
  • Content Creation and Editing: Our skilled team will craft captivating content for up to 10 pages, ensuring each page resonates with your audience and conveys your unique value proposition.
  • Image and Media Integration: We’ll integrate visually appealing images and media elements to enhance your website’s overall aesthetic and engage visitors.
  • Blog or News Section Setup: Establish your authority and inform your audience with a blog or news section, allowing you to share industry insights, updates, and valuable content.
  • Basic Custom Functionalities: Enhance user experience with basic custom functionalities such as an e-commerce product catalog or shopping cart.


Advanced Package

Includes all features of the Standard Package, plus:

  • Customized Website Design: Enjoy an expansive website with 15+ pages, allowing for a comprehensive presentation of your brand, products, and services.
  • Advanced Content Creation and Editing: Our content experts will create and refine content for up to 20 pages, ensuring every word is impactful and aligns with your brand voice.
  • Integration of 3rd Party Tools and Plugins: Seamlessly integrate third-party tools and plugins to enhance website functionality and provide additional features for your visitors.
  • Custom Forms with Data Collection: Implement custom forms to collect valuable user data, enabling you to gain insights and better understand your audience.
  • Advanced Functionalities: Elevate your website’s capabilities with advanced functionalities such as payment gateways and inventory management.


Premium Package with Special Content Offer

Includes all features of the Advanced Package, plus:

  • Website Performance Optimization: We’ll optimize your website for speed and performance, ensuring fast loading times and a smooth browsing experience for your visitors.
  • Custom Analytics and Tracking Setup: Gain valuable insights into your website’s performance with customized analytics and tracking, leveraging tools like Google Analytics.
  • Keyword Research and Topics Related to Your Website and Industry: Our experts will conduct in-depth keyword research and provide relevant topics to enhance your content strategy and improve search engine rankings.
  • 1 Month Blog Posts / Articles: Enjoy two high-quality blog posts or articles per week (350 – 750 words) designed to engage your audience, establish thought leadership, and drive traffic to your website.
  • SEO Optimization of Blog/Article Content: We’ll optimize each blog post or article for search engines, increasing their visibility and driving organic traffic to your website.
  • Content Editing and Proofreading: Our team will edit and proofread content provided by you, ensuring its accuracy, clarity, and alignment with your brand guidelines.
  • 1 Month Content Calendar Planning and Management: We’ll create a comprehensive content calendar, strategize content topics, and manage the publishing schedule for an impactful online presence.


Embrace your online presence with our Orlando Web Design Company. Choose the web design and content service package that aligns with your goals and watch your online presence flourish. Contact us at HuYu Media today to embark on your web design and content excellence journey!